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3 Qualities Insurance Providers for Staffing Agencies Should Have

Staffing agencies operate outside the box of traditional business practices. They do the headhunter work for other businesses, providing employees who ideally will be good fits and good assets. When looking for staffing agency insurance, there are a few important qualities to consider.

1. Knowledge of Staffing Industry

The staffing industry is in the unique position of employing workers who work on another business’s property, and it can be confusing to know who is responsible when something goes awry. For example, if a temporary employee has an accident while operating a piece of equipment, causing damage to the property or to the equipment itself, an insurance company that understands the industry well is a good group to have in your corner.

2. Experience with the Staffing Industry

Experience speaks volumes about an insurance provider’s success. Choose a provider that has a few decades of designing and revising policy that is specifically related to the staffing industry. The insurance group also needs to be involved in the industry by partnering with various staffing associations where they do business.

3. Service to the Staffing Industry

When you are looking for staffing agency insurance, you need more than just general liability. Look for companies that also offer the following policies:

  • Workers compensation
  • Professional liability
  • Crime protection
  • Business auto coverage

Your staffing agency has specific needs, so consider choosing an insurance provider who understands and can cater to those needs effectively.