Ensure Grow Op Houses

3 Reasons To Ensure Grow Op Houses

Although insurance for the hemp and marijuana industry is still developing, it is now available to all vendors at all stages of the cultivation process. This includes grow op houses, and there are more than a few reasons why coverage for them might be essential.

1. No other insurance covers grow op houses. 

Many believe that grow op houses are covered under general home insurance, and with the hemp industry’s rapid growth, it’s possible that this could eventually be true. For now, however, there is no other insurance available to cover the grow ops stage of the growing process.

2. Grow op insurance covers the unexpected. 

Sometimes, even the best-laid growth plans don’t pan out. As with any farming, hemp and marijuana farming is subject to the usual threats of poor growing seasons and crop destruction. Additionally, crops are sometimes entirely recalled. Marijuana grows op coverage can offer protection against these unexpected disasters.

3. Crops can carry problems or diseases to customers. 

While most growers test their products before sharing them, some leave this job for the dispensaries. Dispensaries will likely be covered should the products show any traces of harmful chemicals or substances. Grow ops should therefore be prepared to defend themselves if the blame is traced back to the growing process.

In such a budding business, insurance can provide incomparable peace of mind. Grow op houses deserve additional protection as they play such a crucial role in hemp and marijuana production.