Passenger Falls Overboard

3 Steps to Take If a Boat Passenger Falls Overboard

Sailing can be a thrilling experience. Being out on the open water with friends and family while enjoying nature is typically a wonderful time for everyone aboard a ship. However, unfortunately, boating accidents can – and do – occur. An accident on a boat may include a passenger’s falling overboard, and it’s important to be prepared in case this happens. Here are three tips for what should you always do when a person falls overboard.

1. Alert Crew Members and Other Passengers

Once it has become clear that an individual has gone off the boat, it is critical to loudly exclaim, “Man overboard!” in order to alert all people on the craft to the situation. The sooner that this statement can be communicated, the better.

2. Stop the Boat Immediately

It is vital to stop the boat from moving immediately after a man or woman falls into the water. Turning off the engine may help to prevent the person in the water from being injured by the vessel. (It should be noted that – if in fact any injuries are sustained – coverage for bodily injury from Mariners Insurance Services and the experts at the firm can help.)

3. Call for Help

Assisting the fallen passenger back onto the ship is a top priority. It may also be beneficial to call for help from nearby vessels or medical personnel if the individual has been injured in the accident.