3 Strategies To Optimize Internet Search Results for Insurance

It can be tough to attract new clients in the insurance industry, given the steep competition that is coming in from other agencies. However, you can use insurance SEO practices to boost your company’s online visibility and deliver more prospects to your website. With more than 70% of potential clients using the internet to research services, you want to capture their interest right away.

Finding Help for SEO Placement

In order to optimize your content, you need to know what your competitor is doing with SEO. You also need to understand your audience and the basic content of the industry. This way, you can tailor your site to be more consumer specific. Here are a few strategies to keep in mind.

  1. Update title tags to improve the usability of your site, as this makes it easier for individuals to reach out and connect with your company. Focus on optimizing all content to increase visibility with insurance searches.
  2. Host a brainstorming session with your account managers to come up with content that is informational and addressee key sales opportunities. Look at your content more holistically and approach it from several perspectives.
  3. Come up with keywords that are easy to rank but that will reach highly qualified leads. To stand out from your competition, conduct in-depth keyword research to discover words that will be high-value but yet low-competition.

These three strategies can create a website that ranks well and delivers new leads. SEO should be a priority in your digital practices.