California yacht insurance

3 Things to Consider When Purchasing Yacht Insurance Coverage

Whether re-examining your current coverage on your luxury water vessel, or researching California yacht insurance for a new or upcoming purchase, there are some important details that you may not have considered.

Some necessary coverage options for owning and operating a watercraft are similar to those for motor vehicle operation, and are therefore familiar and expected. It’s not surprising that coverage to protect you if you were responsible for damage to someone else’s property, or for injuries caused to others, would be imperative. The following options are important but may not seem as obvious, especially for the first time yacht owner.

1. Additional Equipment Protection

Yachts are more likely to be equipped with pricey gadgets and systems than other boats. If your watercraft is decked out with high-value electronics, entertainment systems or hot tubs, then ensuring your California yacht insurance covers them will provide added peace of mind.

2. Personal Effects Coverage

Larger ships allow room for additional cargo. If you’ll be sailing with an abundance of personal items in tow, make sure that any valuables you bring aboard are protected from harm.

3. Cover Your Crew

If your boat will have a dedicated captain and crew, commercial marine coverage may be required. Ensure that everyone aboard your vessel is covered in the presence of an unexpected event, and that includes any employees manning the ship.

Ensuring that you have the proper California yacht insurance to protect yourself, your passengers and your possessions before taking to the water will make every boating adventure feel like smooth sailing.