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3 Tips to Help Lower Your EMR

3 Tips to Help Lower Your EMR

State regulations require that most companies provide their employees with workers’ compensation coverage. This is an insurance policy that helps defray the cost of work-related injuries on the part of the injured person and helps reduce the expenses a company may face from an employee lawsuit.  However, the cost of securing a workers’ comp policy is related to the safety history and risk associated with the business. As indicated by the information at, the Experience Modification Rate is a strong factor that gauges both future chances of risk and the past costs of incidents. If your EMR number is lower, it results in lower insurance premiums for workers’ compensation coverage.

Take Control of Your Results

If your business has a high EMR number, modification management can help bring your operations down to an industry average of about 1.0. There are several ways to help lower your number.

  1. Reevaluate your risk through a comprehensive risk assessment. Perhaps your areas of exposure have changed and your training or awareness policies aren’t strong enough to combat the change.
  2. Review training and certification processes for areas of operation presenting the most risk. Make sure you are taking a proactive approach to safety.
  3. Keep a summary or detailed documentation of the steps you have taken to improve your safety processes and reduce or eliminate risk. These can be used as a good-faith gesture for underwriters.