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3 Types of Insurance Your Company Needs

As you build your new business, you’ll think about what to name it, what to sell, and how to advertise. What you might not remember is insurance. Arroyo insurance Redlands is important for any new business. Check out these three types of coverage you can’t forget.

1. Property Insurance

If you plan to purchase or lease the property to use as a storefront, warehouse, or anything else for your company, you’ll need property insurance to protect the building itself and everything you keep in it. Even if you plan to work out of your home, you’ll need special business insurance for your company’s inventory. Keep in mind that your traditional home insurance policy likely doesn’t cover business assets, even if they are in the house when they’re damaged.

2. Workers’ Compensation Coverage

Do you plan to hire employees? If so, you’ll need to follow the low by providing workers’ compensation coverage. This type of insurance provides medical care and wage compensation for an employee if he or she is injured while on the job. The amount of coverage you’ll need to provide will depend on the type of business you run and how many employees you have.

3. Health Coverage

When choosing Arroyo insurance Redlands, be sure to review the company first. Only purchase coverage from licensed providers who hire professional insurance agents that are experienced in working with business owners.