A Short Guide To Malicious Prosecution

Lawsuits are stressful in general, but a lawsuit from malicious prosecution can take a heavier toll. For some, this is a new term. So exactly what is malicious prosecution and is there any recompense for it?

What You Need To Know

Malicious prosecution is when a lawsuit is filed without sufficient evidence and with the intent to do harm to the person being sued. These lawsuits are forms of harassment, intimidation, and defamation, and can cause severe emotional distress and financial loss for both criminal and civil claims.

What Damages You Can Claim

If someone has this type of lawsuit brought against them, they can claim one of two types of damages. Compensatory damages usually do not require any proof and include the following:
Pain and suffering
Mental distress
Emotional trauma

On the other hand, quantifiable damages require proof in order to receive recompense. These include the following claims that may damage a career or a person’s finances:
Loss of income
Cost of hiring a lawyer
Damaged reputation
Court fees
Make Sure You’re Informed

So, what is malicious prosecution? It’s a lawsuit filed out of malicious intent to purposefully harm others. The information found at http://www.huntersure.com offers more guidance about this and provides some examples that can help you be more informed.