Crime Insurance Claims

Acquiring Fidelity Insurance Protection

When you need to protect your business against the loss of inventory, monetary theft, or security risks, the experts at recommend a comprehensive crime insurance policy. There are a number of potential criminal threats against any company, including employee theft or dishonesty, burglary, fraud, forgery, counterfeit money, vandalism, and other criminal acts. While a physical security system, such as a guard, alarms, or video surveillance, protects against physical loss, an insurance policy can help with financial loss.

Potential Schemes

Crime insurance claims are as diverse as the companies susceptible to criminal activity. Criminals often exploit the areas of weakness within a company, and these could be with the people, processes, or technology used within the company. Some potential areas could involve:

  • Fictitious employees
  • Bogus invoice payments
  • Email or cybersecurity scams or theft
  • Theft of company property or petty cash

Crime Insurance Support

Crime insurance is also called fidelity insurance coverage, and it can step in and provide financial resources when your business has been a victim of a crime. Whether credit card forgery, robbery, employee theft, computer fraud, or theft of property, insurance will reimburse the company for the financial losses that may incur as a result of the crime. While these areas could be considered company property, they are excluded from a property insurance plan, requiring a company to purchase the additional coverage.