employee liability

Addressing Contract Worker Liability Issues

Any type of liability claims can be both distressing and cause serious financial losses, but employee liability issues can be especially difficult to handle. A multifaceted staffing insurance solution can protect you, but it’s wise to take steps to reduce the likelihood that they’ll occur in the first place. Those include starting off with some sound principles upon which you can build best practices.

Build Trust With Your Employees

Employee retention and satisfaction both involve a large degree of trust. Staffing firms can help build it with open, honest communication. In addition to virtual communication methods, it’s recommended that management meets face-to-face with members of your workforce when possible.

In addition, coaching, feedback and clearly defined metrics leave less room for ambiguities and helps staff set performance goals. Not only are you spelling out your expectations clearly, but you also create opportunities to reward your staff for providing value to your firm and your clients. Finally, encouraging excellence can pave the way for leadership opportunities and advancement, which contribute to employees’ feelings of accomplishment and satisfaction.

Employee Liability and Risk Management

These few basics steps should provide a good beginning to addressing the employee liability issue, but it’s wise to work with your insurance broker as well. Together, you can assess your overall risk management picture and implement specific strategies to lower the chances you’ll incur claims or litigation.