insurance for yacht clubs

Benefits of Yacht Club Liability Protection

Yacht clubs offer members a variety of exclusive benefits such as kid programs, cruises and prestige. From putting on events to daily activities, insurance for yacht clubs covers the company from accidents and mistakes. Insurance covers your liabilities, so you can focus on providing the best value to your members.

Comprehensive Insurance Options

Insurance for yacht clubs can provide the company for a safety net if and when something goes wrong. Covering the various aspects of the club from the yachts themselves to the piers and docks is essential. Policy coverage options can include:

  • Member property coverage
  • Regatta liability
  • Hull and liability coverage for a yacht fleet
  • Chartering
  • Facility and grounds coverage
  • Chartering

Standard Insurance Options

In addition to the yacht club specific insurance options, business owners can benefit from a business owners policy and general liability insurance for the company. If the club sells alcohol, a liquor liability policy is beneficial. Employees should be protected with a workers’ compensation plan and perhaps even an employment practices insurance policy.

Yacht club amenities give members access to a variety of fun, education and networking opportunities. A proactive approach to insurance for yacht clubs can save money and headaches in the event of a claim. Speak to an agent to assess your risks, choose insurances and get back to cruising the water.