commercial property owners insurance

You Built It, Now Keep It

Building and growing a successful business is hard work and a dream come true for many people. Make sure your investment of time and money is protected by commercial property owners insurance. Natural disasters, such as hurricanes or tornados, fires, and theft and vandalism can all be covered by your Business Owner’s Policy.

Assessing Needs

Have a risk assessment and property valuation performed to get an accurate picture of your company’s needs. Commercial property owners insurance typically covers the following items:

  • The building and other physical structures on the property
  • Fixtures such as lighting and cabinetry
  • Furnishings, equipment, computers, etc.
  • Inventory and supplies

Riders for specific items can be customized to fit your business. For example, a particularly expensive piece of equipment may require a special policy.

Assessing Costs

When determining the cost of a Business Owner’s Policy, the following factors will be considered:

  • Age of building, with older generally being more expensive
  • Size of the property
  • Safety of the area in which the business is located
  • Type of equipment, heavy machines vs. computers
  • Risk of exposure to natural disasters

Enjoy the rewards of being prepared for the vicissitudes of life with a strong commercial property owners insurance package. Make money. Don’t lose it.