Program Business

Capitalize on Program Storefronts to Generate More Leads

Independent and small insurance companies constantly seek ways to get out in front of potential customers. While there are many things to consider when planning your marketing, insurance program storefronts offer a lot of value.

Easy Search

As seen on Program Business, an alphabetical ordering can help customers easily find your business. The easy listing makes it easy for customers to see if you offer programs that benefit them in a simple to use format. They can easily contact you for additional information and a quote.

Marketplace Reinvention

The days of only having insurance through an employer are rapidly changing. More people search and buy their own insurance whether it’s life, health or disability. Program storefronts are one way insurance companies can tackle the changing marketplace. Storefronts are available both in brick-and-mortar locations and virtual.

Brand Matters

For independent agents working with larger companies, they can use program storefronts to capitalize on all that branding already in place. Or perhaps they remember the name of an insurance company from the latest social media post but cannot find the contact information. They can do a quick search on the storefront and find what they are looking for.

With more and more people shopping for their own insurance, insurance program storefronts can help you generate more leads. These storefronts offer another way to get into the sight of potential clients.