marina liability coverage

Choosing the Right Liability Coverage for Your Marina

Marina’s are hubs of activity, with boats of all types and sizes coming and going at all hours. All of this traffic means that your marina liability coverage needs to be up-to-date. No matter how many safety rules you have in place, accidents happen and when they do you want to be sure you have the right coverage.

Types of Marina Coverage

An experienced marina insurance agent can help you navigate the insurance options available to you and help you pick the one that fits your needs best. Among the coverage options you have are,

  • Regatta liability
  • Chartering
  • Member property
  • Hull and liability coverage for the club fleet.

Match Your Coverage to Your Needs

Each of these items provides different marina liability coverage and your insurance agent can explain each of them to you. It’s important to remember that each state has rules and regulations regarding what needs to be covered by marina insurance in that locale. This is something that your insurance provider can walk you through.

Regardless of the activities that take place at your marina, you need to make sure you and your staff are properly covered. By matching your marina liability coverage to your specific needs, you can make sure your staff and facilities are safe no matter what sails into your marina.