pollution liability insurance

Coverage for Pollution

While it’s standard for most businesses to have insurance, not all needs are necessarily met through a basic plan. That’s why supplementing with specialized coverage may be required depending on the nature of the business. This rings true for remedial contractors and environmental consultants who must deal with the added risk of working with and disposing hazardous materials. Because of this, supplemental plans such as pollution liability insurance can help ensure that additional exposures are covered adequately.

What Does Pollution Insurance Cover?

The very nature of environmental consultants and remedial contractors requires that they work with known pollutants. Here are some scenarios where this type of coverage can be helpful:

Waste needs to be transferred

  • Contractors need the provide their own coverage at waste disposal sites
  • Property damage or bodily injuries occur as a result of pollutants from work performed
  • Possible third-party claims are brought forth
  • Restrictions against certain pollutants are excluded from standard coverage

Required Under Law

Because of the high stakes and potential risks involved with these types of businesses, pollution liability insurance isn’t just a convenience; it is likely required by law. With regular exposure to the risks in this profession, putting this policy in place is one of the most practical safeguards against potential errors or disputes.