Driving Safety Courses for Volunteers

Driving Safety Courses for Volunteers

Volunteer drivers are vital for many nonprofit organizations. Some drive older people to medical appointments while others run errands such as collecting prescriptions and returning library books. There are myriad ways volunteer drivers supply necessary transportation to residents and social entities alike. An important aspect of safety for drivers and passengers is volunteer driving training.

Reviewing the Basics

Those who volunteer to fill transportation needs benefit, as do all drivers, from periodic reviews of driving basics. Such topics may include:

  • Defensive driving
  • Right-of-way practices
  • Safe speeds
  • Proper passing techniques
  • Accident handling

Refresher courses are a great way for volunteer drivers to maintain powerful safety standards to protect the well-being of all on the road as well as those in their vehicles.

Courses for Insurance Purposes

Some insurance companies that offer protection for firms working with volunteer drivers also provide driving safety courses that are easy to take online. They not only keep volunteers fresh on the rules of the road and driving best practices but they also demonstrate a firm’s ongoing commitment to safety. Some volunteers may drive their own vehicles while others drive cars provided by nonprofits. Whichever way the arrangement works, reviews are a good idea for all parties.

While volunteer drivers serve a valuable purpose, reviews of driving safety take their efforts to the next level and offer important benefits to passengers, drivers, and nonprofits.