Harvester Liability Coverage

Everything You Need To Know About Hemp Harvester Liability Coverage

Hemp production is one of the fastest-growing agricultural industries these days. More farmers are starting to realize the versatility of the product and are turning to hemp growth to diversify their incomes. However, many producers fail to harvest their hemp on their own. Instead, they turn to third-party hemp harvesters to process their crops correctly. These individuals often need dedicated hemp harvester liability insurance to operate properly.

What the Coverage Provides

For most businesses, standard business insurance is enough to protect their operation from most liability concerns. However, since hemp production is still considered questionable under federal law, many standard insurance companies refuse to protect harvesters and processers.

Dedicated hemp harvester coverage protects against the following types of liability:

  • Property liability
  • Crop liability
  • Product liability
  • Misleading advertisements

These are just a few of the risks third-party harvesters face. Your insurance agent will help you identify other liability concerns to make sure you’re fully protected.

Why the Coverage Matters

Just because you’re not producing the hemp doesn’t mean your company can’t be found liable for different issues throughout the harvesting and production process. With hemp harvester insurance in place, you won’t have to bear the burden of liability lawsuits out of pocket. You’ll have the financial help you need to fight for your company and your employees.

If you’re a third-party harvester, liability protection is a smart investment. Just make sure to be clear about your needs and the size of your operation when buying coverage.