business insurance in New York

Four Insurance Coverages For Your Pizza Shop

Finding business insurance in New York for your new pizza shop can sound more difficult than it really is. As you get ready to open up your doors, here are four insurance coverages that you’ll need to keep your business protected.

Commercial liability insurance offers payment toward a case where a non-employee is hurt by your business. This can range from a customer claiming your cheese made them sick to someone slipping and hurting themselves on your property.

Commercial Liability Insurance

Commercial property insurance offers coverage for your physical and digital property. In case of a fire, storm or other covered events, your policy will pay to repair or replace the impacted items.

Commercial Property Insurance

To keep you and your employees protected, you will need to carry workers’ compensation insurance in case of an on-the-job accident. Your policy will pay for legal and medical fees associated with any such accident.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

If you plan to offer delivery service, you will need to have coverage for the cars that will be used. The auto policy will offer coverages similar to those of a personal auto policy with customization options specific to your needs.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Rather than go at it alone, find an agency who’s experienced at customizing packages for business insurance in New York. They can use their expertise to ensure that your business has the right amount of coverage to meet your needs while also satisfying government guidelines.