architects and engineers professional liability

Get Only the Coverage You Need

Insurance to cover your business should be tailored to exactly what goods or services you offer. For example, architects and engineers professional liability insurance does not need to cover vehicle accidents. Here is a look at some specific construction coverages you may or may not need for your firm depending on the services you offer.

Design-build is on the rise, but not everyone offers it. In this project delivery system, the same entity is in charge of designing and building the finished product. If you only deal with one side or the other, then design-build coverage isn’t necessary.

Coverage for pollution incidents is important for construction companies, but architects can also be liable in cases where a sufficient waste disposal system is not included as part of the building design. For example, designing a restaurant comes with making sure food waste is properly disposed of and that washing water does not contaminate drinking water. Issues of pollution also come up when designing industrial buildings.

Architects and engineers professional liability services cover a wide range of incidents. Your firm may need a short list of specific coverages or more broad plans depending on the kind of work you do. Ask yourself, “What could go wrong?” and make sure you are covered for any of these events.