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Growing Recreational Marine Industry Means More Sales

In many parts of the country, boating is still in full swing. The sun no longer beats as fiercely down, but the weather is still warm. Recreational marine insurance protects your business while you cater to the growing interest in the industry.

Industry Statistics

As expected, Florida tops the list for economic activity in the recreational boating industry. Other coastal states growing their revenues include California, North Carolina, Texas, New York, New Jersey, and Washington. Even inland states like Missouri, Michigan, and Tennessee have made it in the top ten due to their proximity to the Mississippi River and Great Lakes. The sales rank in the billions of dollars for these ten states. With sales up, suppliers and service companies have also seen a growth in sales.

Watercraft Interests

Popular boats experiencing the most sales include pontoon boats, cruisers, freshwater fishing boats, wake sport boats, and personal watercraft. The experts at Merrimac Marine Insurance list the many liabilities boaters face including fires, injuries, and accidents. When selling to consumers, inform them about the liabilities they face and keep your business as the experts. By protecting them, you increase your credibility.
Recreational marine insurance is more than just for boaters. The insurance options help protect the manufacturers, retailers, suppliers, and dealers taking advantage of the industry growth.