transportation auto liability market

How to Navigate the Auto Liability Market in the Trucking Industry

If you’re new to the trucking business, the transportation auto liability market might be intimidating at first. There are more liability concerns as a trucker than you would have with your personal vehicle. It’s important to know what to look for. Some of the policies that you’re likely to need are as follows.

Physical Damage

Physical damage covers protects you against any damage to your truck or trailer. If you need repairs or if your truck and trailer need replacing, insurance coverage makes it more affordable.

Primary Liability

Primary liability tends to be mandatory when it comes to insuring your rig. If you are in an accident, this coverage protects you in case there is damage done to another vehicle or person.

Cargo Insurance

When you are transporting freight, you need insurance in case something is damaged in the process. Likewise, if you have someone else transporting your cargo, this insurance may extend to that party.

Trailer Interchange

If you use non-owned trailers or equipment under a written trailer interchange agreement, this coverage is for the damage or loss of such equipment.

The transportation auto liability market is full of different coverages on offer to truckers. It’s important to know the types of coverages you may need before you enter the market.