Insurance for Boat Builders

Marine businesses have a range of unique risks that makes it easier to work with insurers who know the industry, but not all marine businesses have the same needs. A retail operation with waterfront access and docking facilities will be very different from a marina specializing in storage and social events, and both of them will have coverage needs that are quite distinct from those of the people who build boats and repair them. Boat manufacturer insurance needs to do less with protection against the liabilities that happen when the public is on-site, but it also needs to keep the robust protection for liability in the case of damage to client property while folding in protection from liability that stems from your work’s quality and durability.

Work With Experts in the Industry

Mariners Insurance provides robust protections for a wide range of businesses that operate on the water or the waterfront. Each has its own unique needs, but even with its diversity, they have more in common with one another than they do with many companies that operate inland. When it comes to protection for your shipyard or manufacturing facility, you need to work with people who have experience assessing those locations and providing coverage tailored to your employees, your buildings, and your volume of business.