video production insurance

Insurance for Video Production is a Necessity

Insurances come in many different varieties. Unfortunately, one of the least popular among amateur or beginner filmmakers is video production insurance. If you shoot out of your home, you might think that having homeowners insurance is enough. That covers most of your expensive items, after all. While you’re right to have homeowners or renters insurance, you do need to take into account that there are certain liabilities that are directly involved in video production.

The Risks of Filming

One of the most common reasons for video production insurance is to protect your performers and stunt performers, in case of an accident. Even with the best training and people on site to protect against an accident, those accidents can still happen. When they do, you could end up with lawsuits that will not quit. Not only do injuries happen, but fires and other disasters can destroy property and leave you with an empty wallet.

Insurance Coverages

Video production insurance covers a few different areas. These include:

  • Completion bond
  • Errors and Omissions
  • Liability

Keep in mind that this is a niche market when it comes to insurance. You need someone who specializes in these types of insurances, because your needs are going to be different from standard business insurance. There are certain risks that are very particular to video production.