Staffing Insurance

Learning the Basics About Staffing Insurance Programs and Their Benefits

Unlike other types of businesses, staffing agencies are in a fairly unique position of needing to have protections in place not only for events occurring in their own workplace but for events that can happen in the locations their staffers are sent to. This means there are many assets to be protected, which is where staffing insurance programs come into play. Learn more about the basics of staffing insurance and why it’s not only beneficial but essential for any staffing agency.

Multiple Components May Be Covered in One Policy

If you’ve been hesitant about signing up for a policy because you don’t know what coverage you need, remember that most staffing insurance programs involve multiple components. Typically, these include:

Consider Adding Property Coverage, Too

If your staffing agency has a physical office location, you may want property coverage as well. This can provide an added layer of protection if your property gets vandalized, harmed in a weather event or more.

No matter what industries your agency provides staff for, having the right insurance coverage in place can make all the difference in the event of a claim. You can search through staffing insurance programs to find the best fit for your agency.