bar and tavern insurance programs

Make Certain Your Bar or Tavern Is Covered Fully

For centuries, people have gathered over food and drink. Whether it is to celebrate the end of the workweek or to cheer on a favorite sports team, people flock to their favorite watering holes in droves. One business entrepreneurs find never goes out of style is to own a bar, especially if your bar offers more than just a bartender with a heavy pouring hand. Whether you have a sports bar, a full-service tavern, a pool hall or a bar/arcade combo to bring your patrons back to their youth, you need to review bar and tavern insurance programs to make certain your place is covered fully. Insurance protects you, your business and your patrons.

Bar owners need more than just general and liability coverage. They need additional insurance to cover damages and injury from unruly drunkards. If your patrons get into an old-fashioned western brawl, are you covered? What about insurance for dance night? You must make certain your weekly DJ and all your dancing queens are protected. Bars must also carry riders for their right to stock and serve alcohol, and you must hold a high-limit policy in the event a customer gets into an accident on the way home. Contact a qualified insurance broker today to discuss affordable bar and tavern insurance programs.