Medical Costs

Without health insurance, medical bills are very costly. Currently, most hospital & emergency room fees are dependent on, environment and incoming clientele. Another caveat towards the growing healthcare billing information is that the doctors themselves seemingly don’t know the costs involved in what they are prescribing. While this is helpful for them to only focus on the solution they aren’t able to consider the patient’s financial well-being. This being said here are some average medical costs to expect (depending on area) when seeing a physician.

  • A 3-day hospital visit can cost around $30,000
  • Comprehensive cancer care can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars
  • Chemotherapy upwards of $100,000 (year treatment)
  • A CT scan can cost around $1,200
  • A brain MRI costs upward from $2,611
  • Chest X-Ray $255
  • Total hip replacement upwards of $55,372
  • Ear tube insertion upwards of $13,957

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