big data insurance

Mitigating the Risks of Data Warehousing

You may have heard a lot about big data in the recent news. As companies and non-profit organizations continue to collect and store more and more data on their customers and benefactors, the threat of data theft seems to only increase. Since data is such a hot commodity on the black market, the lure to hack into databases is sometimes to great for thieves to ignore. The stealing of data is an extremely lucrative illegal activity that is an international problem. Not only can data thief result in losses and inconvenience for those who are in your database, but your organization could be considered responsible for repairing the damage. The right big data insurance policy could help protect your company from severe financial loss in the event of a major intrusion into its data records.

Customer data is a valuable asset that is often targeted by criminals. Frequently, when a major data breech occurs, it is featured heavily in the news media. Protecting your data through extensive network security is one way to combat the problem. However, resourceful crooks seem to be extremely determined to overcome all security measures. Eventually, even the most secure data storage systems could be defeated. To protect against this seemingly inevitable occurrence, many organizations are obtaining big data insurance.