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Risky Business: Professional Liability Insurance and the Healthcare Industry

Insurance for staffing agencies does not have a one-plan-fits-all resolution. Different environments come with diverse dangers. The healthcare industry can be an especially risk prone sector where any negligence could result in legal action and subsequent financial loss. In the United States, only heart disease and cancer take more lives than malpractice. Professional Liability staffing agency insurance can help to protect against monetary losses and legal actions that can arise in such situations.

Unique Exposure

Over 18 million people work in the healthcare sector. Organizations, patients and staff can face risks that are unique to their occupational settings. Placement examples include

  • prisons,
  • governmental organizations,
  • homes,
  • hospitals or other healthcare facilities and
  • schools.

Because agencies are responsible for placing workers, any errors or negligence stemming from duties performed or services provided could result in liability exposure.

Quality Coverage

Hiring requirements differ just as work surroundings and medical specialties vary. Effective staffing agency insurance policies aim to grow business success and decrease risk. They are designed to cover the wide range of situations that may arise. Experts are trained to use industry data and statistical research to assess possible risk and tailor policies to properly cover any potential hazards. Should a job screening or placement process go awry or a malpractice suit be filed, Professional Liability coverage can aid in protecting staffing agencies.