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Selecting the Right Insurance Plan

Larger companies tend to have more going on than small businesses. There are more employees, more assets and more properties. With more happening with your large company, it can make sense to go beyond a business owners policy and select a Carmel commercial package policy. A commercial plan allows for basic property and liability insurance, but also adds additional customizable coverages. Paying only for coverage that your company may need makes sense, but commercial plans can also offer the advantage of a premium discount.

Working with an insurance professional to craft a commercial package for your company can be beneficial because a professional can consult with you to determine which coverages you need and which ones you don’t. One example of an added coverage in a commercial plan is crime insurance, which covers losses associated with burglary, employee dishonesty and computer fraud crimes. Another potential coverage involves business income insurance, which can cover lost revenues in the instance of a natural disaster. There are many potential coverages in a Carmel commercial package policy, but perhaps the most popular is commercial auto insurance. Working with an insurance professional on risk evaluation for your auto fleet can help determine which auto policies to include in your overall policy plan. A big business can have an array of assorted risks and it’s possible to even include things like sewage backup, debris removal and outdoor signage as part of a commercial package policy.