fraternal benefit societies

The Spirit of Volunteerism Thrives

There are numerous reasons why people volunteer their time and resources to help a nonprofit. Sometimes a personal experience might motivate a person to donate their hours towards a specific cause or contribute professional skills for a short-staff organization. Then there are the members of fraternal benefit societies who are often active in charitable works. Historically, many of these societies were founded on the belief of helping the communities in which they live and giving back to their communities through volunteer efforts.

Fraternal organizations originally were sources of aid or support for members and as they grew, expanded their scope to include benefits for members. Helping the greater community has been one of the major principles of the societies. Today these organization draw upon their members to help on a broad level. Aid can extend nationally to help in housing for the homeless or low income and provide assistance after natural disasters. Regardless of the premise or membership of the fraternity, serving a purpose can be considered a common bond these societies share.

When fraternal benefit societies were first formed over 100 years ago, they were considered instrumental in providing services and help to their membership. Helping others, whether it’s a member of the fraternity itself or the community-at-large, remains the primary mission of these societies.