employee liability

Stay or Go?

If you’re in charge of the hiring and firing on your staff, understand the importance of employee liability. You want to have your employee’s back, but at the same time, you can’t accept mistakes or accidents that flat-out break company policy.

Simple or Serious?

Know what your company considers as forgivable. Nobody lives a blameless life and accidents happen. Sometimes it’s best to work on a plan of improvement rather than let go of an otherwise good employee.

Underperforming. This might seem like a big one, but sometimes fresh new employees need a little while to learn and adjust to the job. If you’ve talked to the employee, had meetings and plans and they still aren’t performing to standard, it might be time to part ways.

Wrong attachments/addressee when writing an email. Depending on the information being given, this can either be a detrimental or minor mistake. If the employee accidentally sent the wrong recipient a meeting invite, that could be forgivable. Hilary-level email scandals? Maybe think again.

Property damage. There’s a big difference between breaking a wine glass at a restaurant and totaling a client’s car at a valet service.

Everybody makes mistakes, but as an employer sometimes these mistakes can come at the cost a job. Be aware of company policy and understand the differences between a simple and a serious mistake.