The Benefits of an EOR Plan for Workers’ Comp

Operating a professional employment organization can come with a number of unique risk factors of which to stay aware. To keep yourself and your contractors protected at all times, you need to consider your options with insurance. Instead of approaching the arrangement from a traditional arrangement of sharing the risks with a co-employer, it might be more beneficial to look into an Employer of Record program.

Improved Payment Options

There are several key points to focus on when considering a plan for EOR Work Comp. For one, this is usually a pay-as-you-go arrangement. This means you will not need to worry about putting forth large sums of money at once the way you would in a traditional insurance agreement. This can provide you with better control over your cash flow and allow you to apply capital to more pressing demands related to your company.  Additional points to consider with this plan include:

  • Employee benefits 
  • Shared risks and detailed plan of action
  • Streamlined administrative duties

Appropriate Coverage for Employers

In order for you to keep your company headed in a successful direction, you need to take time to determine the most appropriate insurance. Look into the details and learn more about how EOR options can be used as an alternative to traditional PEO payment processes for insurance coverage.