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Three Tips For a Smoother-Running Kitchen

Running a restaurant is no piece of cake, even if the cake is one of your specialties. You know better than anyone what it’s like to be on your feet for hours on end, dealing with picky customers and making sure that you’re following all the rules. One rule that is essential that you’re following is proper sanitation and maintenance procedures.

Clean Up Spills and Messes As They Occur

This seems like a no-brainer, but a clean kitchen is a safe kitchen. Make sure that when you spill anything on counters, cooktops or on the floor that you wipe it up immediately to prevent spillage and cross-contamination.

Follow the Three-Step Process

Working in the restaurant industry, you should already be familiar with the three-step cleaning process: Wash, Rinse, Sanitize. This applies to everything from countertops to dishes, so have a bottle of bleach solution fresh every day for the final step.

Check Stoves for Hazards

All it takes is one simple spill to cause chaos in the kitchen. Be sure that stoves are free of blockages or have no items sitting on top of them to prevent a fire. You can download a full restaurant maintenance checklist at Irving Weber insurance’s website, but some remember the highlights in the meantime. The better shape your restaurant is in the better you will do on safety and health inspections.