pitbull liability insurance

Tips for Adopting a Pitbull

When you set off to add a new pet to the family, you may find yourself heading to your local animal shelter or rescue organization. Eventually, you will discover that a large percentage are pitbulls. You may be hesitant to take one home, but you may be missing out. However, by understanding the laws about this breed, and how pitbull liability insurance can help put your worries at ease, you may be able to enjoy their companionship and loyalty after all.

Reasons why Pitbulls Are Overrepresented in Shelters

With a large number of pitbulls found in shelters, you may be inclined to believe that they are less than ideal animals to have as family pets. However, many organizations have debunked the myth that all pitbulls are automatically aggressive by nature, and that they deserve a fair shot at adoption. However, because of the negative stigma, the breed is banned altogether in organizations such as military bases, certain states and housing units. Reasons that have contributed to a poor depiction of this breed include:

  • It’s appearance and strength
  • The historical purpose of the breed
  • Irresponsible owners
  • Poor breeding practices

Why Give Pitbulls a Chance

Even if you are not automatically drawn to them, it is important to remember that there are many statistics that show pitbulls are no more dangerous than other breeds. However, before getting one, be sure to do your research, spend time with the animal to make sure it is compatible with your needs, and take the time to check if pitbull liability insurance will be needed for your situation.