Employee Dishonesty

Top 3 Ways To Spot Employee Dishonesty

Honest business owners often take for granted that their employees are honest as well. Unfortunately, even the best employee can turn out to be a thief that jeopardizes your livelihood and your own good name. Take note of the top three ways to spot employee dishonesty before it’s too late.

Employee Won’t Take a Day Off

It seems that your best employee would be the one that never takes a vacation or even a sick day. Not so, according to commercial crime insurance adjusters. Dedication is admirable, but an obsessive need to be in the office could indicate an ongoing scheme the employee does not want discovered.

Employee Lives Beyond His or Her Means

Watch out for employees who suddenly receive a financial windfall without explanation. Major purchases like jewelry or a new car don’t always indicate that the employee is dishonest, but it’s definitely something that should make you pay attention if that purchase doesn’t seem to fit with what you know the employee is earning.

Inventory or Supplies Are Missing

It should be obvious, but many business owners and managers initially overlook discrepancies in supplies or inventory, especially if the guilty employee provides a reasonable explanation. If you start to notice things missing or see strange cars parked near dumpsters or back doors at your business, don’t ignore it.

Employee dishonesty is heartbreaking because it shatters the trust that should exist between employer and employee. However, knowing how to spot the crime will make it easier to minimize the financial and emotional impact.