electrician public liability insurance

Types of Liability Insurance for Electricians

Working as an electrician can lead to a number of liabilities. Whether something happens at your own office building or while working at a client’s house, damages can lead to costs such as repairs, replacements, medical bills or legal fees. Unfortunately, these kinds of accidents happen, no matter how careful you are. Even one incident can lead to serious financial problems, which is why electrician public liability insurance is an important inclusion for your business.
For most insurance programs, there are two types of liability insurance that are recommended: general and professional. For an electrician, both are important, as they cover different aspects of the profession. In order to understand why this article includes a couple of examples of how electrician public liability insurance can help a business remain financially stable.

General Liability

If your business has an office or equipment building, then accidents have a chance of happening. For example, if a customer were to enter your office and trip on equipment left on the floor, your business would be held responsible to pay for any medical bills involved in injury as well as any damage caused to your equipment.

Professional Liability

Meanwhile, if you or one of your electricians go to a client’s house to do some wiring, a lawsuit could ensue, requiring professional liability for coverage. For example, if an electric fire starts after you’ve done some work on the wiring, as long as it was not due to any negligence, then insurance can cover the legal fees involved.