dump truck insurance

Undeniable Proof That You Need to Insure Your Dump Truck

As the need for dump truck insurance rises, more companies are turning to reputable insurance brokers for help. The truth is, that offering dump truck services is a risky business in that you haul thousands of pounds of dirt, gravel, sand or rock in large commercial vehicles through hazardous environments.

Heavy-Duty Vehicles Require Supreme Coverage

Since dump trucks have limited visibility and a massive size, its no wonder that they’re involved in many reverse collisions and rollovers in construction sites. The coverage required can be much more complex than simple accident protection and that’s why many insurance companies are prepared to serve this industry with their streamlined policies for dump trucks. Here are a few risks covered for dump truck services.

-Environmental Damages (unstable ground, trees or falling rocks)-Downtime Loss Coverage (income lost from accident repair downtime)-General Liability Coverage (business risks or losses)-Auto Liability Coverage (accidents, physical or collisions)

What Exceptions Apply to Dump Truck Policies?

There isn’t a whole lot that cant go wrong within this industry and construction areas are often deemed extremely hazardous locations to insurance companies. However, here are a few risks that usually aren’t covered by dump truck insurance that may require a different kind of insurance policy.

-Non-Trucking Liability Insurance (for truckers who own their own rig and lease their services)-Primary Liability and General Freight Coverage (damages caused while hauling cargo)-Motor Truck Cargo Insurance (covers cargo that has become damaged while in transit or stopped)