Employee Benefits

Understanding the Basics of Employee Benefits

A business should strive to provide employees with the best benefits that it can reasonably afford. Benefits offerings are essential for businesses to recruit a good workforce and can also enhance productivity in the workplace.

Health Insurance

One of the most important employee benefits from businesses is health insurance. Employers may be required to offer insurance depending on the number of employees that they have. A business with relatively few employees that cannot subscribe to a group plan may have a Healthcare Reimbursement Arrangement.

Wellness Programs

A wellness program is an excellent complement to a health insurance plan. It can enable employees to improve their overall health and reduce absenteeism.


Giving your workforce retirement benefits will provide a strong incentive for your employees to continue working with you for an extended amount of time. Many employers structure retirement benefits to match an employee’s contribution to a retirement account.

Life Insurance

Providing a life insurance policy is a great way for employers to give their workforce peace of mind with their benefits offerings. Policies can be for a set amount or equivalent to a year’s salary.

Building a great benefits package can help make your business a great place to work. Reach out to a benefits provider that is experienced in serving businesses like yours.