workers compensation insurance companies in Orlando

Understanding Workers Compensation Benefits & Requirements

Workers compensation is one of the most vital coverages in your insurance policy. With your employees being your most important asset, you want to have adequate coverage in place in case of a workplace accident. As you search for workers compensation insurance companies in Orlando, here is a brief explanation of its benefits and the coverage requirements for businesses.


Workers compensation is insurance coverage to protect you and your employees in case of a work-related accident or illness. Your policy will cover the medical expenses, rehabilitation costs as well as any lost wages while your employees are away from work.


The requirements for workers compensation vary by state. In certain states, you’re required to have coverage if you have at least one employee while in others the minimum employee requirement may be three or more. Florida requires workers compensation if you have at least four employees, whether full- or part-time, except for those in the construction industry. Construction businesses must have coverage for every employee. Failing to carry workers compensation can have a number of consequences including having to pay for your employees’ medical bills out of pocket, government fines and loss of business license.

As with other insurance policies, it may be a challenge for new business owners to determine the right amount of coverage they need for their organization. Rather than risk not having enough coverage, you should work with a highly-rated workers compensation insurance companies in Orlando to build a policy that’s right for you.