Short Term and Long Term Disability

Uses for Short Term and Long Term Disability

When you are hurt or ill, you shouldn’t have to worry about your finances. Bills and obligations do not go away simply because of your health. Fortunately, there is help available in the form of short term and long term disability. 

The Difference Between Short and Long Term Disability

When thinking about applying, you should consider short vs. long-term disability. Short term is for disabilities that are only temporary setbacks, while long term is for disabilities that will last a long time.

The Uses for Short Term Disability

A short term disability policy is useful for a variety of conditions. Some of these conditions are pregnancy, long recovery periods, and problems that require frequent treatment. Your employer or a qualified insurer provides this insurance.

The Uses for Long Term Disability

A Long term disability policy is insurance for a disability that will extend for years or even the rest of your life. Some of the conditions that qualify for long term disability are neurological disorders, degenerative diseases and chronic illnesses. An insurance company most often provides this type of disability.

Regardless of the type of disability, it is there when you need it most. In the event of an illness or accident that keeps you from working, these disability insurance policies will help keep you on your feet so you can focus on your recovery.