Data To Drive

Using Data To Drive Your Strategy

As a managing general agent, it is your responsibility to solicit applications for insurance contracts. Naturally, this is a big responsibility. It is your duty to ensure your clients have the best possible coverage and pay a sensible rate for the service. In order to feel confident in the applications you solicit, you may want to focus your strategy around data. There are a number of ways that data can help you make the right choice.

Focus on Key Data Sets

As reported by experts in the insurance marketing industry, certain data sets can be invaluable to your journey. An insurance agent list for MGAs, for example, is one of the most crucial documents related to developing a strategy. Without a comprehensive list of the various agents and entities available for your consideration, you won’t know if you are bringing the best options to the table for your clients. Additional data to focus on when developing a strategy as an MGA can include:

  • Agents in specific territories
  • Rates and terms associated with certain agencies
  • Trends shaping the industry

Use the Resources Available to You

By paying attention to certain data sets, you can start to create a strategy that aims to meet the specific needs of your clients. Take time to review different resources available to MGAs to make the right choice.