Recreational Marine

USL H Basics

Most everyone has heard about worker’s compensation insurance because almost every employer in the country is required to offer it to their employees. So chances are you either have it or you’re offering it to your staff. However, there is a specific type of policy you may not have heard about unless you work directly in the maritime industry.

What is usl&h?

The United States Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation, or usl&h, is a specific type of coverage that was established in 1927 for employees who work on the water. Some industries inherently have more risk than others. Working around water requires special consideration. Jobs may require prolonged exposure to extreme temperatures or severe weather. If you want to learn more about policy options, the experts at Merrimac Marine can give you more information about the coverage you may need.

Jobs That Require Coverage

Some of the jobs that require coverage include:

  • Engineers
  • Harbor workers
  • Ship repairpersons
  • Professional divers.

What Is Not Covered

Not all jobs near the water are required to have usl&h. Federal requirements don’t apply to operations at any recreational facilities such as camps, golf courses or country clubs. It also doesn’t pertain to positions that work on vessels that weigh less than 18 tons.

If you’re at all uncertain about whether coverage is needed it’s always best to consult a professional.