CPP insurance policy

What a CPP Can Offer Your Business

A CPP (or Commercial Package Policy) is a premade package of coverage options offered by insurance agencies to business owners who are looking to make buying insurance a faster, simpler process. They typically have policies that offer mid-range coverage for businesses, and cater to the specific industry of the business in question. The average CPP covers a wide range of potential threats, such as:

  • Secure building property
  • Natural disasters
  • General liability coverage

These options provide the most crucial coverage for modern-day businesses across the country, and the package formation gets them to business owners like yourself with less hassle. Furthermore, tying your policies together in a package format makes paying your bill, modifying your coverage and much more a simpler, more streamlined process.

What’s Not Included

Because a CPP insurance policy only offers mid-range coverage, it stands to reason that not every form of protection will be offered. For example, fiduciary liability, professional liability and workers’ comp coverage are not usually included in the package deals. However, insurance agencies offering CPP options will likely sell these alongside the package for a reasonable price.

You need the proper coverage to keep your business, finances and employees safe while you handle your business as an owner. A CPP insurance policy offers you a way to do that in an easier, more efficient manner.