Laundromat Insurance

What Does Laundromat Insurance Cover?

When running a busy laundromat or dry cleaning service, laundromat insurance is essential. As with all insurance, you hope you never have to use it. But if an accident happens and the insurance is not in place, it can cause devastating financial consequences. It is important to have the proper coverage for this unique type of business. Here are the basics of what is typically covered under laundromat insurance programs.

Fabric Coverage

People entrust their clothing and other fabrics to the care of laundry services. While under that care, the fabric can be damaged. Examples of damage are:

  • Processing damage while cleaning, pressing or folding
  • Fire damage
  • Storm damage
  • Loss or damage during transportation or delivery
  • Loss from theft
  • Storage damage
  • Water damage

Coin Laundromat Coverage

Even though a laundromat may be automated, many issues can still arise. Insurance for coin laundromats can cover the basics of workers’ compensation, general liability for injuries on the premises, company vehicle protection and property coverage. It can also cover things more specific to self-serve businesses. These coverages include loss of business due to damaged equipment, damage to clothing by the machines and equipment repair coverage.

As the experts at say, distinctive risk requires strong and distinctive coverage to manage that risk. Laundromats, linen services, and dry-cleaning services have unique liabilities that require a specialized insurance policy.