employment practices liability

What Is Employment Practices Coverage?

Running any business is tremendously rewarding. Without the right insurance, though, managing an organization can be stressful. If you control a staffing agency, you may wonder if employment practices liability coverage is optional or essential? While no law probably requires your organization to have an EPL policy, purchasing one is virtually necessary to your company’s growth strategy.

What EPL Covers

EPL insurance protects your organization from certain claims your employees may raise against it. Specifically, most EPL packages cover discrimination charges, including race, sex, national origin, disability and other protected classes. It may also cover claims involving wrongful termination, unfair employment actions and harassment.

Why Your Staffing Agency Needs It

When you contract employees to work for your clients, you put them in a position that other employees rarely face. If one of your client companies engages in unfair or illegal employment practices, you may have to foot the bill for damages. If you want to avoid costly litigation, investing in EPL protection is likely an effective strategy.

With employment practices liability coverage, you likely achieve the peace of mind you need to grow your business and better meet client demands. Instead of leaving the success of your organization to chance, chat with an experienced staffing agency insurance professional to find out how EPL coverage can benefit your firm.