Employment practices liability

What Staffing Firms Need To Know About Liability

Businesses of all sizes work with staffing firms to supplement their work forces. If you run a staffing firm and regularly send your employees to work for various clients, you should be aware of the risks you’re exposing your business to. You are still responsible for your employees, which can be difficult when they don’t work in the same physical space as you, especially where safety is concerned. There are a number of standards and regulations that can change rapidly across industries, and if you want to keep your coverage up to date, you should be aware of other changes as well. Employment practices liability is one area of coverage that can help protect you and your business.

This type of liability can help protect your firm against a variety of allegations, and new clients may ask if your firm has this coverage before agreeing to work with you. Joint liability could make a huge difference in your future dealings with new clients and your employees. Should an employee or applicant accuse you or your client of discrimination or wrongful termination, for example, your coverage shouldn’t leave you vulnerable. Keep in mind that different industries may require different coverage limits as well as other areas of coverage, so make sure you consult a professional when looking into employment practices liability.