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What to Know About Driving Through Ice This Winter

Winter continues to blast the northern states particularly the Midwest and Northeast. With that winter weather comes ice sitting on roadways. Driving in it can leave many wondering, does insurance cover car going through the ice?


The experts at Moody Insurance Worldwide state collision coverage is necessary to cover vehicle damage. Many vehicles involved in accidents due to sliding need a tow, so you may want to ensure you have tow coverage. When sliding, the vehicle can strike another object from a vehicle to the guard rail to a building. Property damage liability steps in to help cover third-party damage.


Any accident can result in injuries including sliding on an icy road. The vehicle can hit a pedestrian in the way due to the inability to stop in time. Passenger injuries can happen due to the force of the collision. Check the insurance policy for policy limits and medical payments coverage to help cover these expenses. PIP coverage may be available to cover additional expenses such as rehab costs or lost income associated with an injury.

So, the answer to the question, does insurance cover car going through ice is yes, with the right coverage options. Check your policy before hitting the road this winter to ensure you have adequate protection. Then take precautions to drive safely while out on the road.