E and O insurance for life insurance agents

What You Need To Know About E and O Coverage

Your professional risks and liabilities as an insurance agent can be as tricky to handle as those of your clients. E and O insurance for life insurance agents can be especially difficult to navigate as your risks may differ based on the kinds of clients you have and may change as your agency does. The more research you do into the plans and companies offering them, the easier it will be to get the right amount of insurance for your agency. This means determining your risks and what options are available.

The higher the damages and risks your clients face, the bigger your professional liability is likely to be. This means that if something goes wrong for your clients and they have to pay more for damages because of an error or omission on you part, then your insurance will help you pay. The more you know about the risks you and your clients face, the better insurance coverage each of you will have.

E and O insurance for life insurance agents can help save your agency from expensive damages from civil court rulings. Many times, these insurance plans can be tailored to the types of risks you and your clients face to give you the right amount of coverage for your unique needs. This means researching different companies and plans to find the right fit.