Homeowners Insurance

What You Need To Understand About Getting Homeowners Insurance Versus Getting a Home Warranty

As a recent homeowner, you’ve probably wondered during the purchase process whether you should get homeowners insurance vs home warranty. Although both may have been discussed during the process, it’s not always clear, especially to first-time buyers, what the differences are. However, there are some fundamental distinctions between the two that matter in terms of the protections you can expect.

Homeowners Insurance Helps You Pay for Unexpected Damages to Your House

Having homeowners insurance is the first layer of safety for your new home. The primary reason many homeowners opt for an insurance policy is because it helps you pay for any unexpected damages that may occur to your house, including:

A Home Warranty Can Help Cover Repair Costs

Unlike home insurance, a home warranty is essentially intended to help you cover the cost of repairs if you need to replace or fix various areas around the house. Even if your home is brand new right now, something is bound to need fixing eventually, so a warranty can help you bear the expense.

When you’re just starting out on your homeowner journey, you may understandably be curious about the differences between homeowners insurance vs home warranty and which one you need to protect your new asset. With this extra information, you can choose all the coverage your family needs.