dog bite policy

Why All Dog Owners Should Consider Canine Liability Coverage

As much as you love your dog, it’s important to acknowledge that dog bites occur frequently. Having dog liability coverage with a dog bite policy can protect you and your dog in the event that your dog bites someone.

Choose Any Breed of Dog

Many policies exclude certain breeds of dogs, such as pit bulls. Canine liability coverage will give you the opportunity to adopt any breed of dog with the knowledge that your dog won’t be excluded if it bites.

Cover the Gaps

Just because your existing insurance policy includes some aspects of dog liability coverage does not mean the insurance will cover the cost of a dog bite. Without specifically seeking out canine liability coverage, you may be left to cover the cost of the damage your dog has done if it bites another animal or a person.

Peace of Mind

If your dog does bite someone, the last thing you’ll want to worry about is coming up with the money to cover the costs of the person’s care. Instead of adding stress to an already difficult situation by worrying about finances, you can be reassured that your insurance will help cover the expenses.

Although no pet owner wants to imagine their dog would act aggressively, preparing for the possibility of your dog causing harm to another animal is important. Choosing dog liability coverage with a dog bite policy can save you time, money and stress if your dog does bite a pet or person.